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All Flash NVMe Storage Case Study Sample

From: Gershom (Jan) Martin

Subject: Shared Beegfs NVMe storage

This shared Beegfs NVMe storage high-speed scratch storage server was developed, assembled, and supplied by Access Technologies. It offers me a single shared /bscratch volume of about 40TB shared between 16 large-memory machines (cfb and cfk). In addition to this setup, we also have 16 large-memory machines with dedicated 4TB SSD scratch arrays mounted on each machine individually as /scratch (cfd and cfg).

The combination gives me the best of both worlds. /bscratch is great for single-machine MOLPRO jobs that require very large amounts of scratch storage (I have so far used up to 12 TB in a single job), or multi-machine jobs that need shared access to a common set of scratch files from all machines. On the other hand, if I have to run many single-node jobs all requesting large amounts of scratch (but under 4TB), I still have the cfg and cfd machines available.

Belated Shana tova umevorekhet


Dr. Gershom (Jan M.L.) Martin | Baroness Thatcher Professor of Chemistry

Department of Organic Chemistry

Weizmann Institute of Science


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