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FreeD / video HPC

Dreams can come true!

We remember the 1st meeting, it  was in our company, Aviv from a company called “Replay”  came with an amazing idea of a product…

In this project we gave complex HPC solution around the glob. It was amazing!!!




Access Technologies has developed a unique HPC array of about 40 processors, running the application at 50% higher frequency than recommended, and 40 GPUs to meet the replay requirement within 30 seconds of information collected from 24 5k resolution cameras.

Mapping the project’s needs together has produced a product that meets the full range of requirements: resilience and recording capabilities of 5K full-game, increased number of cameras in the array and their connection to hardware systems and accelerated response time. According to Jacob Wallerstein, CEO of Access Technologies, “The project was a significant leap in system capabilities and we had to establish the right infrastructure for it. We also used our joint capabilities with HGST. “In addition, the final product offered significantly greater work output than its competitors in a compact and easy-to-use operation. Today’s writing speed is about 1.5 GB / s. Overclocking) of the system components, an impressive write speed of 3 GB / s was used on RAID6-only hard drives, building modular and upgradeable capabilities with SSDs.

For the full artical just press here


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